Official Rules: – Click Here for the latest league standings!

Fountain City Rod & Gun Duck Tower Thrower.

  • Only two shells in gun at a time, chamber must be open prior to shooting.
  • Muzzle must be pointed at ground or below belt before calling for a target. Puller will NOT release target if gun is not in proper position.
  • Both team members must be present to shoot.
  • Teams shoot in the order in which they sign up.
  • Make-up shoots must be made up during league shoots.
  • Each team will shoot 50 rounds per night (two rounds consecutively).
  • Team shooting make-ups must shoot the first round then sign up at the end of the waiting list for the second round (make-up round).
  • One sub per team, must be on team roster.


  • $75.00 – season clay fees. (This fee must be paid by May 1st)
  • $25.00 – one time sponsorship fee. (This fee must be paid by May 1st)
  • $20.00 – must possess Fountain City Rod & Gun Club annual membership button.

Format for League:

  • Six shooting stations.
  • All doubles except last bird in each round.
  • The first shooter will complete all birds at a station before rotation.